ruby and liam S/S 2012/13 preview
























Sure, winter’s just arriving, but due to the absence of summer this year I’m already anticipating the November-February period. Thick wool coats, opaque stockings and ankle boots have become essential far too early, and while I love lavish winter layering, I’d prefer a floaty and colourful summer dress any day (and blue skies with temperatures exceeding 20 degrees).

In the midst of the torrential downpour last night, I ventured out to preview the bright and beautiful S/S 2012/13 offerings from Ruby and Liam. There are several designer collections I always look forward to seeing: Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, Lonely Hearts, and clocking in at number one for the past several seasons, Ruby and Liam.

Their designs are always feminine and flattering, and while the fabrics and structures often echo international fashion trends, they always remain true to their signature styles.

Liam, the matured adaptation of the cute and playful Madame Hawke, presented an array of classic blazers, suit-style pants and soft shirting in pastels and jacaranda prints.

There was a distinct Parisian undertone evident in both collections, which I’m sure will be received well at fashion week. It’s nice to see a nod to genuine class and style – the ‘I’m too alty for my own good’ look and general scruffiness just doesn’t cut it (and has been on the scene long enough now that it’s become mainstream).

Ruby was full of bold, colourful prints, peplum detailing, cinched in waists and super cute jumpsuits (several of which I pre-ordered). There were a few mod-style dresses that caught my eye, and would look gorgeous paired with heels and heavy chain necklaces.

The summer ranges are set to start dropping in stores around the July-August period. Stay tuned for the full look books coming soon.


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