in conversation with tim blanks and jeff lounds

















I am well and truly obsessed with Vogue – always have been, always will be, and subsequently, with the Internet phenomenon, I’ve become equally obsessed with It is the online Bible for anyone who has an interest in fashion or beauty, providing up-to-the-minute coverage of anything worth knowing about (in those interlinked industries that is – but if you’re anywhere near as interested as myself, that information will be old hat).

When I received an invitation to attend an ‘In Conversation’ panel at The Department Store with’s Tim Blanks and his partner, Escentric Molecules creator Jeff Lounds, I was immediately sold.

Attending an intimate seminar with key fashion figureheads isn’t something that happens that often here in New Zealand. We have a great deal of talent design-wise, but when names like ‘Kate’ and ‘Naomi’ are dropped when listing regular clientele, that’s where the line is drawn.

The pair discussed their path to success with the Escentric Molecules fragrance family. Admittedly, I’ve been through my fair share of Molecule 01, which I was introduced to when working for Karen Walker back in the day (Karen Walker boutiques stock the brand exclusively in New Zealand).

I’d spray excessive amounts and team it with Viktor & Rolf’s famed Flowerbomb. The difference between the two is firstly, Molecules is a fragrance that you can’t smell on yourself, yet others can, although it is rather hard to distinguish as it melds with your pheromones to create an individual scent. Flowerbomb on the other hand is notoriously fresh and floral, and the scent isn’t personalised to the wearer.

Another key difference between Escentric Molecules and the fragrance industry as a whole? There is no advertising involved. Their success has developed mainly via word of mouth. Celebrities and models who became aware of the pheromone-like scent practically took it viral – once Elton had a bottle, Jada wanted a bottle, and so the story went.








So once you’ve become a success, how do you maintain your niche? Simply put, the couple agreed that the key is to remain loyal to those who have supported you from the start and remain true to yourself. Words of wisdom that I’m sure everyone could apply to their lives.


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