champagne, h’ordeuvres and fashion shows


Christina Roys and Amy Louise Bailey (myself) at Kermadec Fine (Photo credit: Amber and Hilary blog)

There’s nothing like sipping Moet and picking at beautifully arranged h’ordeuvres while watching a fashion show on a Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, this scenario is nothing like my regular routine, but as of lately some of Auckland’s top fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR companies have really been turning it up for their Spring/Summer 2012 presentations, and I’ve been lucky enough to attend.

Showroom 22 held a fabulous event at their High Street headquarters a few weeks back, showcasing their clients’ upcoming collections (involving Adidas, Glassons, Kathryn Wilson Swimwear and many more), and last week Lily and Louis hosted a show-come-lunch to present the next season offerings from the various fashion and jewellery brands they manage (this featured gorgeous pieces from Bendon, Postie/Who’s Henri?, Jetsetbohemian, Aleida and Louche, Ketz-ke, and Stewart Dawsons).

I was oblivious to it at the time, but at the Lily and Louis S/S 2012 show I kept on noticing the cameraman focusing his lens on the table I was at just as much as the models strutting the catwalk (who, by the way were wearing only gorgeous lingerie and pearls for a decent part of it too).

After several awkward moments of motionless eye contact – with me eating my Vietnamese noodles and the cameraman directing his lens in my general direction – I finally realised this wasn’t just a video for press purposes – this was an episode of Keeping up with the Ridges.

A pilot episode? Who knows. But there’s something going down, that’s for sure. I was sitting next to fellow writer, the lovely Helene Ravlich, who happens to be a good friend of Sally Ridge’s, who sat beside her. So that explains the filming of our table.

I’m really hoping this particular sequence won’t be on air so I’m not lurking on the scene devouring champagne and noodles at midday. Jamie Ridge was modeling in the show, also in lacey lingerie, so I’m thinking if the show is ever going to make it, this is a bit of action that would totally make the cut.

In more recent PR presentation news, today Paul Blomfield put on a show at Kermadec Fine in the Viaduct. The Showroom Manager and In-house Stylist, Christina Roys (pictured with myself above) had obviously put a lot of effort into organising the outfits and the models. Everything ran smoothly, the music was upbeat and there was a good media turn out. It was a great event.

There was a beautiful dress by Sheryl May (which I’m yet to get a photo of) printed with bold hydrangeas in turquoise, lilac and deep pink. It was the definite show stand-out, leading the way for the finale run and eliciting audible delight from the audience.

Next up is Beat Communications Media Open Day, and I’m pretty excited to see what they’ve got.


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