a lesson in make-up application

I have to say I thought I’d mastered the make-up game. Not to a professional extent, but I definitely thought I had the basics covered coming up to almost a decade of daily usage. In addition to personal practice, I’ve done various editorial shoots for magazines, worked on fashion shows many a time, have grown up surrounded by the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar (thank you mum) and have friends who have worked at M.A.C for years.

Up until now I thought that if there were any expert make-up tips floating around out there, I probably would have heard about or read about them. Turns out, I was wrong. After watching a presentation by Nigel Stanislaus (a Maybelline New York artist) I came away with three very useful application tips. Here they are:

Eyebrows: I don’t usually use a pencil or a brush – I’ve always relied on the au natural look when it comes to the brows, aside from of course plucking for maintenance (bushy brows will only ever look good on Natalia Vodianova – don’t experiment with growth in this region). I’ve now been convinced to do otherwise and integrate the pencil into my routine. Nigel demonstrated how the use of a eye pencil can enhance facial symmetry and reduce the appearance of a large nose. Who would have thought? Anyway, his key point was to fill in the lighter gaps within the inner-brow area with soft angled strokes to add balance and set the focus on the eyes rather than the nose. Definitely a trick worth testing out.

Bronzing: Brushing horizontally over the top of the nose adds to a natural glow. Steer clear of the tip – that’s where the false look can come into play. So, the brush circuit goes around the parameter, contour the cheeks and use long, light strokes across the upper facial region.

Eyes: Familiar with liquid liner looking wobbly and uneven as if you’ve snuck into the bathrooms of a nightclub at 3am drunk and given it your best shot? Me too. Nigel’s master solution is to get a piece of tape (2inches max) and place it closely under the eyes on an angle. Using this technique, those subtle flicks at the edge of the eyelid are a lot more achievable and look linear – which is what we all want.

Above are Maybelline products (set for release late July) that were used in the presentation. I’ve tested them out and the quality is impressive. Particularly love the Dream Nude Airform foundation.


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