golden glory

True to my Taurean traits I am exceptionally materialistic and self-indulgent, so naturally, I’m quite the fan of splashing out on spa treatments when I can afford it and have a few spare hours on my hands (instances that are both very rare). I justify this unnecessary spending with excuses such as needing to relieve the knots in my back from being hunched over my computer all day, or having to deal to my unruly cuticles that have become problematic – but a 24 carat gold facial? Would that just be taking my bank-draining habit a step too far?

Earlier this afternoon, Auckland’s media pack assembled at the Pullman Hotel where the Nahaia Active Organics 24 Carat Gold Leaf Facial was unveiled (read all about it here: If I haven’t maxed out my credit cards by the time I get back from Asia, I’m thinking I’ll give it a shot. It all seems very alluring and Cleopatra-esque.

Upon arrival we were served cocktails with maple, elderflower and champagne – a unique combination that received a lot of praise from the guests. Despite living a block away, I’d never actually been inside the Pullman, but it was gorgeous, and the spa facilities showed up that of the resorts on Denarau. The layout was extreme – they have thought of pretty much everything. So if you’re considering a luxury splurge, I think the Pullman’s renewed menu will have just what you’re after.


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