lady danger lips

There a certain items in a girl’s makeup kit that become absolutely essential. For me, that item was M.A.C’s ‘Eager’ lipstick – a huge hit with my girlfriends also – but much to my horror, it was discontinued back in 2008.  An almost identical shade was released soon after in the Dame Edna themed collection, but I accidentally squashed it about two days in when my mesh bag got caught in the car door. It was beyond saving, out of stock and that old Hollywood glamour-come-femme fatale look I’d taking a liking to was unachievable with my set of light pink glosses.

After a painful and useless search for similar alternatives, nothing really cut it. The variety of crimson hues out there were either too deep and vampire-y, too pink, or just didn’t complement the skin tone. Until I discovered M.A.C’s Lady Danger – the answer to Eager. It’s long-wearing, bright and has a dense pigment so it really stands out. If you’re yet to buy a trusty red lipstick, I think this should be it.


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