cheating with chromatics























I’m not the type of girl to cheat, but today, it happened. I’ve been loyal to my hairdresser Michael at D&M since I was 16. He’s got to be one of the best stylists in the business and he’s also got a great personality, which is key when you’re sitting with someone for a few hours (who wants the inexperienced nag lecturing you about how dry your hair is with their cigarette scented hands? No thanks).

Michael and I talk fashion, travel, parties and romance and I always come away feeling refreshed and satisfied with my retouched roots. D&M is a first class salon experience, without a doubt, but today I deviated from the usual and went to Blaze In Newmarket to test out a new ammonia free hair colour formula by Redken dubbed the ‘next generation’ product.

Although I felt guilty about being unfaithful, the results were fantastic. Considering I highlight my hair with rather potent chemicals to keep it looking bright and blonde, I spend a fair whack on hair serums, masques and in-salon treatments to preserve the condition, so I was instantly drawn to this colour formula that doesn’t wreck havoc on the hair.

With hair dying being more common than not and the widespread knowledge of how damaging it is for our strands, Redken have formulated a solution: Chromatics.

The breakthrough formula contains protein extracts that penetrate deep into the hair leaving it fortified and shiny. It has zero ammonia, and zero odour which is another highlight.

It’s not only limited to blondes either, it comes in a variety of shades including vibrant reds and brunettes.

I was happy with how soft my hair felt and how bright it looked when it was all blow-waved and done. If you’re not devoted to your hairdresser, like myself, I would highly recommend trying out Redken’s Chromatics colour system.


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