beauty and the (favourite) brands

This is the first time all week that my schedule hasn’t been completely packed to the brim, so with a few spare hours on my hands I decided to indulge in a full self-renovation – manicure, hair treatment, face masque and body brush, all at home. It wasn’t quite as amazing as the Milk and Honey pedicure I had at the Pullman Spa on Thursday, but it was definitely therapeutic. And although the effects of last night’s Pinot Noir are still evident, all of this exterior maintenance has left me feeling refreshed and as if the weekend has finally arrived. It’s been a long week of 6am starts…

Today, after kicking off with salmon eggs bene at Ponsonby’s Little 107 café with my boyfriend, I had the unofficial first day of my new job as a Showroom and Account Manager for a boutique PR agency in the city. We did a bunch of clear-cut shots of key pieces for next season from the various host of fashion clients I’ll now be managing. It felt great to be working directly in the industry again. We had George FM blaring all day, drunk coffee after coffee and I got to mix and match some gorgeous unreleased styles. Totally in my element – I have missed the styling/merchandising world. What I didn’t expect when I arrived home was a bunch of intimidating thugs outside my overpriced apartment building passing around a joint. Yuck. They certainly looked and smelt like they could do with a full self-renovation.

On that note, after many trials and tests I’ve become quite familiar with seeking out the best products for a girl’s personal maintenance routine. Featured above are the items I use frequently. The candy-coloured nail polishes are from American Apparel – I got a few in Paris and a few in Honolulu (unsure if they’re actually available in NZ, but I’m sure you can order them on the Internet. They have basically every shade under the sun and are of decent quality). Beneath those are my favourite formulas that take prime real estate in our shower (my boyfriend is becoming a bit uncertain about the division of bathroom space we’ve got here – definitely needing a his and her bathroom in the next place). There is the Naturaltech by Davines ‘Wellbeing’ Shampoo and Conditioner, Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant, Redken’s Extreme Strength Builder Plus masque and CAT treatment, and lastly, Kerastate’s Nutri-Thermique hair masque. If you’re thinking of splurging on any at-home treatments, I’d definitely suggest buying these. Especially the hair products for counteracting dryness from dying – they work wonders. Followed by a blow-dry with the ghd Air and a once over with the ghd Classic Styler and you’re good to go.

Happy Saturday night everyone – cocktails, ahoy!


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