the age of the caker

Baking is the big thing right now. I’ve always been into sweet treats, but it seems that over recent years decorative baked goods have really gained momentum and since have got caught up in the whims of the fashion world.

It’s now rare for a PR event to be devoid of a pastel-coloured cupcake assortment – a trend that definitely suits guests. Maybe the roots of the craze started with shots of Carrie and Co. (on Sex and the City) devouring iced-sponge treats outside New York’s Magnolia Bakery at the turn of the millennium. Perhaps Laduree and Fauchon in Paris also struck a chord? Vogue Magazine recently declared, “Owning a cupcake bakery is the career fantasy of our times.” If you can bake well, you’ve got something good going on, and I can’t think of anyone who does it better than Jordan Rondel.

Last night an event was held to present her first concept film for ‘The Caker’, stemming from a love for cakes and a love for creating. The film not only showcases the artful cakes Jordan creates, but clothes from Stolen Girlfriends Club and jewellery from Zoe & Morgan are also on show. Here’s the link to the video: And here are some of the pictures I took in between mouthfuls of red velvet cake…


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