the real life airbrush

Wish you had skin so flawless you could practically pull off anything, like these models? So do I. So does everyone, but unfortunately, reality doesn’t come with an airbrush function and a round-the-clock professional lighting team, so we are left with two options: make-up and/or effective skin care.

Now, I adore beautiful cosmetics – M.A.C’s themed collections clearly take prime position in the beauty channel – but I’m more of the mindset to fix skin problems rather than cover them up. Layering on the foundation can only achieve so much before it starts to wear off and the uneven skin tone and blemishes begin to reappear. And even so, I just can’t be bothered slathering on make-up each time I leave the house – particularly on weekends.

So with the au natural visage in mind, I’m always on the hunt for formulations that promote gorgeous glowing skin. I’ve experimented with oils, moisturisers, and basically everything on the market, but until a few nights ago, I hadn’t actually tried the classic clay mask, and when I did, I was so impressed with the results that I vowed to make it a weekly ritual.

I took a photo with the mask on to include in this post, but upon second glance it was far too frightening for public exposure, so instead, here is kit I used. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and natural ingredients – a key draw card.

After about 10 minutes of feeling as though I’d had a lifetime of Botox injected into my face, I removed the cracked clay to reveal a radiant and regenerated complexion. The clay had drawn out any impurities, and my skin felt incredibly smooth. Also, any pending spots were nowhere to be seen. Thank god, because I’ve misplaced my concealer.

I’m a huge fan of this new Tebe mask set, and I’d definitely recommend trying it out to get one step closer to real life Photoshopping. See more information and stockists here:


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