At the end of increasingly intense working weeks, the arrival of Saturday/Sunday signals cafe-hopping, beach walks, wine and dinner with good friends. Here are the photos I took of my favourite places we’ve been to over the past few days.

La Cigale French Markets. The crepes are divine, as are all of the beautiful pastries, eclairs, freshly squeezed fruit juices and antipasto ingredients on offer. This is also my top place for doing all of our fresh fruit and vegetable shopping for the week. The produce is organic and fresh.

Macaroons at Cafe on Kohi. This place, and the other three cafes under the same company umbrella (Takapuna Beach Cafe, Richmond Road Cafe and Rosehip) have made a small fortune from my visits over recent years. I don’t usually like to deviate from the tried and tested – in terms of anything really – so this is is a destination that is sure to always have a good atmosphere, good service and good food.

Sunshine always brightens the mood, and yesterday, it actually felt like summer was in sight.

This is the place I will forever call home. Growing up, I lived at the top of the street that leads down to this stunning beach setting, and it was amazing. Living smack-bang in the centre of Auckland city is great, but I love going back to do the coastal walks on the Shore when I can.

Thornes Bay, often mistaken as ‘Minnehaha’ by born and bred city-siders. The perfect spot for a picnic in the sunset, or lounging around in the sand all day and soaking up the rays.

Quite fond of my Stella McCartney for Adidas sneakers. I’m always way more motivated to get out and do exercise when I have good workout clothes – especially if I picked them up from a Stella stockist.

London’s calling. Yet another farewell doo for more Euro-bound friends. Good luck to the recently married Brad and Lucy Porter! Both destined to do amazing things in the big bad world out there.

And a non-laughing version…Georgie, Kirsty, Lucy and I all repping the New Zealand designers in Celine Rita, Kate Sylvester and Karen Walker.

Sunday morning at Catroux. The latest issue of Russh, coffee galore, juice and salmon eggs benedict with Mathew – dream scenario.

Catroux has a very impressive cabinet of cakes available. The raspberry lamington is to die for.

Happy Sunday, everyone! x


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