Sales are in the air here in Auckland city, which is rather convenient considering fashion week is a mere week out from now. And while most don’t do a Colin Mathura-Jeffree and swap outfits several times a day, variety is key. Who wants to be papped wearing the same thing? Very few, which can be tough on the bank balance with some dresses skyrocketing to the $700+ mark.

This morning I went along to Ruby HQ for their A/W’12 sample sale, and wow, it was amazing. I love the girls there, I love the Ruby and liam design aesthetics and I love all of the gorgeous items I picked up. I could not believe the reductions – if you haven’t already headed out to the Grey Lynn pad, it’s open until 4pm today. Definitely recommend a trip with the girlfriends/mother – my boyfriend came along initially and ran for the hills once he saw the masses queuing up to get a first look.

For those who can’t make it today, or are more interested in next season, the Ruby and liam Spring/Summer 2013 collection has started to drop into the boutiques. I went kind of crazy with the pre-order. Here’s a preview:


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