samsung, i love you

Today was the most exciting ‘hump day’ I’ve had in a while. Wednesday’s usually drag out something chronic, but today it was all on and I could have definitely done with a few extra hours on my hands.

After working on Fashion Week seating plans, organising logistics in general and sending out an amount of emails exceeding the length of my computer screen, I ventured down to Roxy (one of the central city’s top new restaurants) for a Sunglass Hut event. Love the décor there (lighting featured above) and the food was divine. Christmas came early with the crackers and party hats at the table!

Prada, Miu Miu, Versace, Bulgari and Ray-Ban have some seriously out-there styles coming into stores soon (we got a glimpse of the top trends today). Some even have suede frames – a first in the high-end sunglass world as far as I’m aware – while others have all sorts of jewels you can clip on. Miu Miu’s star-shaped shades were my pick of the more avant-garde bunch. Check out what is available now here: Being a diehard aviator fan, I was over the moon to spot these bendable Ray-Ban numbers in my goodie bag. They actually bend up entirely so they can fit in your pocket – how’s that for convenience.





















After filling up on antipasto, seafood, chocolate and macaroons (dessert pictured below – absolute dream combination) I shot back to work before heading back downtown to Imperial Lane for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Myself and six other bloggers, including the lovely Leonie Barlow from The Style Insider, were lucky enough to be given the new tablets. So a huge thank you to the crew at Samsung! Completely made my week – am very grateful indeed. I’m off to experiment with it tonight – the functional capabilities seem endless. At the event my gorgeous friend Tatum and I got amongst the dancers-come-mime artists – these guys had some moves.

Lastly, a shout out to whoever tried to hack my Facebook account tonight – stop being so creepy, I feel violated. Might pay to change the passwords everyone!


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