it’s showtime…

Today was manic. Fun, intense and a relief all in one. Attending New Zealand Fashion Week as an organiser and a freelance writer/blogger is no easy feat, that’s for sure. Tidal waves of tasks have greeted me in the mornings and late nights have been spent slouched over my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 updating everything. I have to admit though, I do semi love the fast-paced nature of it all – sure beats the usual mid-week in Auckland City.

This morning, the Blue Sky show (hosted by Showroom 22 at Britomart’s Australis House) was where it was at. Coffee, mini salmon bagels, bircher muesli and fruit salad were on offer. Caaaa-ching. Best of all, my beautiful friend Vic and her lovely mother Mandy attended. Vic thought it was quite the laugh when I couldn’t find the spoons and asked whether we were meant to ‘shot’ the fruit salads – luckily she was there otherwise I could’ve made a right fool of myself.

I met some fabulous international media at the show, including Annette Lamothe-Ramos from Vice Magazine and Mark from The Cobra Snake – lovely American folk. I also met the new Art Director from Fashion Quarterly, Marcell Gull, who was as sharply dressed as they come and had manners to match. Always good to see new faces at these things. Smiling faces!

Twenty-Seven names stayed true to their signature school girl style. Dresses with bow-ties, embroidered sequined paneling, lace, classic shirting and trousers in girly prints, navy and tan – great from both a commercial perspective and an industry/editorial perspective. Their garments have just enough detail to keep it interesting, but not so much that it’s overpowering. The looks were accessorised with jellies (yup, the ones we used to wear at primary school) and socks and bobbled beanies.

Ingrid Starnes had quite a corporate feel. Ladylike silhouettes, pencil skirts, mauve shirts and pointed-toe heels. There’s a video of the final walk through on my Facebook page:

So fast forward several hours and I was on the other side of the coin seating the Kagi Jewellery show rather than sitting at a show. And above is the turn out. I was super stoked to see all of the key local and international media and buyers seated front row and the whole auditorium packed to the brim. Not bad for my first show if I might say so myself. I started organising the goodie bag sponsorship about three to four weeks back and we had some great brands on board. Cadbury, Dr. Hauschka, Estee Lauder, Lindin Leaves, KMS and Frucor beverages filled the whole 400 placed under the seats.

A huge thank you to my wonderful interns Nadia, Kate, Kellie, Melinda and Georgia! All the hard work paid off and the show was a complete success.  And also thank you to my fabulous mom (below with lovely friend Helena) just for being amazing at all times. She has the best sense of style – always pure class x


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