stolen girlfriends club: dead end

Stolen Girlfriends Club took underground to a new level last night hosting their A/W 2013 show in a Grey Lynn car park lined with strobe lights. The concrete setting was a stark contrast to the runways at the official venue. Picture the walk-off scene from Zoolander where the hip crowd venture to the industrial warehouse and dresses are swapped for studded leather jackets – it was a bit like that.

Models with slicked back hair and fluorescent eyeshadow rolled out in camouflage prints, chunky platform boots, and full leather. It was a punk/street luxe/90s theme – something the desingers Marc and Dan have mastered.

I found these fabulous snake-skin trousers from Sheryl May to wear to the show last night. The sky looked super spooky with the full moon lighting it up electric blue – kind of eerie considering the main reference point of the Dead End collection was a “doomsday moment – the end of the world as we know it.”

I’m off to Asia in the morning! Saturday night in Hong Kong. Better finally pull out my suitcase.


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