black and gold


The last time I wore a pencil skirt, pointed-toe shoes and drop earrings all together would have been when I was about fifteen. That mix sounds incredibly corporate for a teenager growing up in New Zealand, but thanks to my wonderful mother, I sidestepped any sort of disheveled, I’m-alty-and-I-know-it look. Doc’s, ripped denim and backwards caps are reserved for the ‘edgy’ punks and skater girls of this world anyway. But back to the present – almost a decade on – classic ladylike staples are being reinterpreted in bold colours and unique styles. Pictured above, I’m wearing tangerine heels and a fruit-embroidered gold skirt by liam, Karen Walker sunglasses, a Peter Alexander pyjama top and a vintage Oroton bag from Tango that dates back to the years where fake ID’s and sneaking out at night with my girlfriends was at the top of my hit list.

P.S. I have a giveaway running for a gorgeous Ketz-ke shirt over on my Facebook page: All you have to do is private message me the location of the feature I posted on the 8th of January xx


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